Birth of my Second Life

Having read the hype for the past few months I have decided to give Second Life a go. So, tonight, I have signed up for my Basic Account.

I will be sure to keep you posted on my thoughts over the coming weeks as I explore the world.

Anyone got any experiences, good or bad? Please share them!

As always, i’m really interested to know what people think.

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Remote thoughs about Digital ID World 2006

I have been really disappointed this year with not being able to make it to Digital ID World in Santa Clara due to my impending job move . Not only have I missed some of the great debates that have taken place, but I have also missed the oppourtunity to meet, face-to-face so many of the people that I talk to (through channels such as the Identity Gang) the name of “Identity”.

I have been following a number of blogs including Phil Windley’s blog about the event with great interest and once I manage to get through all the related posts, I will post my thoughts here.

YouOS online OS

Rohan Pinto recently blogged here about a new online OS that he had come across, YouOS.

Under his recommendation, I had a look as a demo user and must say from a pure ‘technical geek’ point of view I was impressed.

From the comments on Rohan’s site, YouOS certainly doesn’t seem to be the first web based OS, although it is the first that I have come across. My main thoughts about the OS were:

1) Easy to use
2) Fast to load
3) Like the session continuation

Like Rohan says, I can’t see it being long before YouOS or some other similar company get snapped up by Google.

I do have concerns over long term usability. I found it an interesting new toy but aren’t sure that I would actually use it everyday. First and foremost would be my concern over my data being held online. I like to keep my data locally where I can keep track of it. I’m sure YouOS will eventually offer some type of encryption but for now I do see it as a major concern.

However, I will watch with interest to see where the product goes in the near future.

Paid Advertising for Blogging

I don’t know what Rohan Pinto is talking about in his recent post about commercialized blogging!

Looking up at the SUN this morning, I was trying to decide what to put in my WORDPRESS BLOG today when an idea popped straight into my mind. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea so I gave my colleague a PING to find out his opinion. He wasn’t sure either, so I searched on the ORACLE that is GOOGLE. After trawling the web for hours I decided to go and ask my wife. When I saw here I thought she was looking RADIANT. LOGIC told me I ought to tell her but I decided against it. Instead I thought I would go down the pub, so I put on my RED HAT and off I went, eating my APPLE along the way!

I would never dream of it blogging for commercial gain.

Who do I send my invoice to??



The UK government has finally brought together a number of disparate organizations in order to try and crack child abuse on the internet. (Link: CEOP)

This isn't before time. Hopefully, now some serious effort will go into stopping this abuse and making the internet a safe place for our children to use again.