Is ALL water a wishing well?

I have this theory which seems to bear out no matter where I travel to in the UK…..

When I was a child I used to throw pennies into wishing wells and make a wish. As I grew up I noticed the security protecting the coins getting stronger (however, I digress).

What I have noticed now for a number of years is that any expanse of water contained in a public place becomes a public wishing well. You may notice that all of these places have coins thrown into them. These include water features in shopping centres as well as water fountains outside.

What happened to the good old wishing well and why do people find an urge to thrown money anywhere where there is water?


Identity Fraud has finally happened to me

Well its finally happened to me.

After been very careful with my credit card details over the years, last week I finally fell victim to Identity Fraud. Yes, whilst checking my credit card transactions online, I noticed a airline ticket that I certainly didn’t buy. A call to my credit card company revealed two further airline transactions that had not yet been posted onto my statement.

Within one day, 3 separate airline tickets had been bought on my card. Fortunately, the bank had noticed something suspicious and put a stop on my card. Of course, i’m fully covered by my credit card company. However, I can’t help thinking now whether my stolen details were a result of something careless I have done or whether it was a problem over which I had no control (i.e. insider fraud). Still, irrespective of which it is, I will be ever more vigilant when my replacement card arrives.