England no-smoking law

As of 1st July, the no-smoking ban was introduced in England meaning that it is illegal to smoke in all public “enclosed” spaces. This is one of the best pieces of legislation brought in by the government.

However, whilst I support this law (as a non-smoker), there is a fundamental flaw in the policy. What I now find is that all the people who were smoking in enclosed places now have to stand outside to smoke. Therefore, in order to get into most building, you have to walk through a wall of smoke on the way in and on the way out.

Surely, there must be a better approach!

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1 thought on “England no-smoking law

  1. I live in a 2nd floor flat above a shop. How can I stop the common parts, ie: stairs and entrances back and front being used as an ashtray and my fellow residences smoking in the stair well? It is a private building with all flats being owned except the flat opposite me which is owned by the restaurant owner downstairs and all his employees live in this one 2 bedroom flat. Up to about 5-6 men live in this flat at anyone time and they all smoke in the stair well on the way up and down the stairs. The smoke wafts into my flat and I have to spray air freshener all the time! Can you point me in the right direction…

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