My new identities on Facebook and Spock

Like Chris, I seem to be following in his footsteps by having recently joined Facebook in my post-30 era (only slightly over 30 i might add).

However, my introduction to his fascinating site came from an invitation from none other than the infamous Pat Patterson. Obviously, I have heard of Facebook before but up until now have never got around to joining it to see what it is all about. Whilst I have a fairly decent sized network (in my opinion) on LinkedIn, I am just setting out on the road to setting up my friends on FB.

I’m feeling very lonely on FB at the moment. Anyone interested in being my friend 🙂 ………..

Interestingly, whilst I aren’t stalking Chris’s movements, I also recently joined Spock through another invitation I received. However, unlike Chris, I was pleased to see that searching on my name brought my profile back as the top two links. I was also surprised to see that there were another 4 people in the UK with the same name though and that they all seem to have MySpace profiles. I really must get myself one of those.

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1 thought on “My new identities on Facebook and Spock

  1. Infamy! Infamy! etc.

    You could do what I did – export your contacts from LinkedIn as CSV and import them to Facebook. Check everybody and voila – lots of friends really quickly 🙂

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