Response to a comment I received

Recently I posted a comment about open source software and how impressed I continue to be by it. It seems that, in a comment on that post, Farrin feels that “99% of all open-source software are blatant ripp-offs and cheap plagiarism”.

I can only guess that their bias comes from the fact that they seems to work for a commercial vendor (MaxiVista) of the open-source software (Synergy) I was writing about.

I must admit that I have to take issue with his comment. I have responded directly to the comment on the original post but feel justified to include it here (in case you don’t subscribe to comments).

My response was:

“However, do you not think that having the open source community replicating commercial products is in the end-users advantage.

At the end of the day, technology keeps advancing and by having the open source community constantly pushing the boundaries of their open source software, it means that the commercial vendors must develop and innovate even more to ensure that their product stays ahead of the free versions and offers that value-add to their customers.

You have proved my point entirely by referring to the likeness between OpenOffice and Office 97. Office 97 is now 4 versions old (2000, XP, 2003 & 2007). Therefore, for the people that are happy to stick with the functionality that was provided 4 versions ago, OpenOffice is a good option for them. However, if they want the new whizz bang features, then they will be willing to purchase a later version from Microsoft.

I think open source provides a valuable purpose in the market.”


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