Open source software never ceases to amaze me

I have just installed the most amazing piece of software on both my work laptop and my home PC. Whats makes this software even more impressive is that it is not just free, but also open source. The software I am referring to is Synergy.

This fantastic piece of software allows multiple computers, each with their own display, to share a keyboard and mouse without needing any additional hardware as its all done in software.

I couldn’t believe not only how easy this was to setup but also how efficiently it works. Anyone with a dual headed display will be familiar with moving the cursor off one screen and have it appear on another. Now imagine if you could do that, not only across screens on the same computer, but also across different machines running different operating systems.

If you haven’t come across it before, have multiple computers on a desk and don’t want to buy a KVM switch, then you must check this out.

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