Professional photographs

Three years ago I took my family to have some professional family photographs done after receiving a voucher as a present for one of the large national chains. We had decided that we didn’t want the traditional ‘stuffy’ portraits but instead wanted something a bit more modern and unique. The photos that we ended up with were very impressive and just what we were looking for. However, as usual at these sorts of places, we spent far more than we intended to. Having decided that we would limit our purchase to a couple of hundred pounds we managed to come out with three framed prints with a total cost of over £1000 (yes, you heard me right, THREE).  This was partly due to the good quality of the photos but mainly due to the high pressured sales environment that they put you into when you go to select your prints.

Last year my sister and brother-in-law started up their own business doing professional photography. He has been in the photography and graphic design business for over 10 years but decided it was time to start out on his own. Taking full advantage of the family tie I asked him to take some family pictures. Having not seen his work before, I was unsure what to expect.

We spent about an hour in their studio having a great time. The kids really enjoyed it and he must have taken hundreds of pictures.

When he then showed us the pictures, I was absolutely blown away by the quality of what they had produced. They were exceptional. They had produced a selection of photographs in both colour and black and white. I have never been a big fan of black and white pictures but I must admit, I now have two on the wall in my lounge.

I know how much of a perfectionist they are and this clearly shows in their work. I sincerely believe they are better than the earlier pictures we had taken. On top of that, their prices are far more reasonable than that of one of the larger chains (not that I had to pay :-), thanks sis ).

Therefore, if you live in or around the London area (their studio is in Reigate or they do sittings in your home) and want some top quality photographs, I would highly recommend Peter Butler Photography. This is not because they are family but because I have seen for myself the passion that goes into their work, the talent that they have and the quality of their photographs.

The family bit does help a bit though!


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