Chocolate for your password

Eugene Cozonac posted a comment on an article he saw on the FT website.

The post (and the article) talk about how easily people will divulge their passwords when offered an incentive. In this case, people were offered chocolate bars. According to the research, in total approximately 62% of people asked gave up their password.

I have a problem with research of this type. If I was stopped in the street and offered chocolate in exchange for my password, I would happily tell the researcher that my password was H4EDwb!!.

The fact that I have just made that up and don’t (and never will) use it for anything, makes no difference to the researcher. As far as they are concerned, I have just divulged my ‘secret’ password and I am another of their statistics.

In the meantime I am quite content with my free chocolate bar. Bonus!!

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