Console war – Which console?

Ever since the latest generation of consoles have started to be released, i’ve been trying to decide whether I should take the plunge and buy one.

I currently have an XBOX which doesn’t get much use (although I have just completed Spyro) and a PSP which I hardly use at all.

However, despite this, I have been looking with particular interest at the Wii. Although the graphics look appalling compared to the XBOX360 and PS3, the motion sensitive controller looks great.

My favourite types of games are platform games (e.g. Rayman, Spyro, Crash Bandicoot) and puzzle games. I also have two young daughters (3 and 6) who I think will enjoy playing the Wii.

Realistically, I think the PS3 is too expensive to justify spending on a games console, so the decision is between the 360 and the Wii. My pros and cons so far are:

XBOX 360
Graphically superior
Better for the hardened gamer
Better online gameplay

Not as many kids games
More expensive

Better family fun

Graphically not as good
Not as wide a selection of games
Online gameplay not as good

If anyone can offer any advice on which console I should go for (assuming I could find a Wii in the UK if I decided to get one), it would be appreciated.


One thought on “Console war – Which console?

  1. Paul-
    I have an XBox 360 – and it is clearly a console for serious “gamers.” I love it. I wouldn’t trade it for the world.

    Then, 1 month ago, I played a Wii – and WHAT FUN. The “graphics” question is irrelevant on the Wii, as that’s not what its going for. If you’re looking for “family fun” – go with the Wii.

    Gaming = Xbox 360
    Damn Good Time = Wii

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