There’s nothing quite a queer as folk

Religion isn’t usually something that I comment on. Whilst I have my own beliefs, its not something I shout about from the rooftops. However, I felt compelled to comment on something I have just watched on TV.

Louis Theroux has just done a documentary which was aired in the UK on the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas (purposely not hyperlinked so as not to increase their profile). I am a great fan of Louis’s and have watched most of the documentaries he has done over the years. However, this one had to take the prize as one of the wierdest and most frightening exhibition of peoples’ beliefs.

This strange and deluded ‘cult’ that call themselves the Westboro Baptist Church are so bizarre and horrific that it really does beggar belief. I’m sure you will have heard about them. These are the people who picket funerals of American soldiers who have died in Iraq or Afghanistan, ‘celebrating’ their death as God’s justice being done. They are led by this fanatical old fossil who managed to dodge nearly all the questions put to him.

It saddens me that there are actually people like this walking the earth and preaching their sickening message today. In addition to their sick and twisted minds, they actually have the audacity to include their children on the picket lines and within their doctrination. When one of the 7yr old boys was asked if he knew what the slogan on his banner meant (God hates fags) and why he was standing there, he had no idea (its probably a small consulation that he doesn’t understand)!!

I have no problem with free speech and I sincerely believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, since when does it become a right to picket someone’s funeral. Its not even as if they are trying to ‘convert’ people to their way of thinking. Their sole purpose in the pickets seems to be to point out how bad everyone except themselves are and how everyone will incur God’s wrath and go to hell.

I’ve seen Louis do a number of documentaries before covering Nazis, anti-semetics, racists etc, but this group of people are by far the most outrageous and one of the most dangerous I have ever seen.

As usual, Louis did a great job of giving them enough rope to hang themselves before asking the question “Why do you do this?” with the underlying tone of “You stupid people”.


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