TrueCrypt support for Vista

After my recent post responding to Paul Squire’s comments on steganography, I see from the TrueCrypt website that v4.3 has now been released.

The main addition to this version seems to be the support for Vista. As a new user of Vista (see my earlier post), this was a welcome announcement.

Check out the release notes here.

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2 thoughts on “TrueCrypt support for Vista

  1. Can you defrag a Truecrypt volume in Vista? I cannot. And if you look under “Disk Management” in Vista, the TC volumes are not shown, unlike XP where they were shown and could be defragged.

  2. You are right. I have had a look and you definately don’t seem to be able to defrag Truecrypt through the GUI. You could always try the command line equivalent “defrag”. That might help.

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