FoxPro – Bringing back memories

Microsoft Puts FoxPro Out to Pasture

It was with a certain amount of nostalgia that I read today that Microsoft will be open sourcing the core of FoxPro, one of its DBMS that it bought some years back.

Whilst I haven’t used this database for about 15 years, it was the main database that I wrote an application on for one of my university modules.

I actually wrote a sunbed reservation system using FoxPro for Windows (I think it was version 2.0 on Windows 3.11). However, the app was so well written that it actually worked in FoxPro for DOS as well (more luck that design!)

Needless to say, it was about at this time that I decided programming wasn’t for me and my skills would be best served in another area of computing.

However, I can’t help thinking that I will probably have another look at it when it goes open source, just to see what it can do now.

Its just a shame that I no longer have my old university assignment on floppy disk anywhere. It would have been good to have a look back at my code and have a laugh.

Andrew Comins (you know who you are) – If you are still around and have the original code that we worked on together with Lucy, get in touch!

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