Second Life update – Whats the attraction?

You may remember on 20th January I posted a comment about my new entry into the world of Second Life.

Well, after that post i’ve spent a few days on and off, logging on and looking around. I realise I probably haven’t touched the surface of the things that are available. However, on the surface, I really don’t see what the attraction is.

My first couple of hours were spent being shown around by a very kind female from Germany. I was definitely a passenger as she was transporting me to all these different places. After giving me a change of clothes, being a novice, my guide asked me:

“What do you want to do?”

“What is there to do?” I replied (not really knowing what was available)

“Depends on what you want to do”….

The conversation continued back and forth like this for some time. In the end we ended up dancing in a bar.

What’s the point??

If I wanted to dance, I would go to a nightclub. Why would I want to watch a virtual character dancing on my behalf using pre-defined moves.

After leaving my guide, I decided to have a look around myself. What better place to start then the “Top 50” most popular places.

As with so many other things on the web, a large proportion of these locations were “sex rooms” where you can indulge in virtual sex with someone. Again, what is the point?

From what I have seen of Second Life so far, it just seems to be another, somewhat wacky channel for porn.

I see that a lot of IT manufacturers have started using Second Life for product briefings and seminars etc. With my cynical hat on I can’t help but think that this is just a gimic. Great, so you can see virtual people walk into a room and sit down for a briefing instead of just hearing them dial in to a phone conference.

I’m sure i’m missing the point of Second Life. I will give it another go and see if I can find something other than virtual dancing and porn but at the moment I am somewhat disappointed.

If anyone has any suggestions, i’m all ears……..


One thought on “Second Life update – Whats the attraction?

  1. Maybe it’s just that it’s *you* that’s drawn to the sex clubs? 🙂

    Second Life is just like the Internet. There’s a lot of good things to see and do, it’s not all easy to find, and there’s a lot of porn.

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