A rollercoaster of emotions

Last Friday night was the Red Nose Day in the UK. As usual the BBC ran Comic Relief on BBC1 for pretty much all of Friday night.

It took the usual format of:

1) a comedy sketch
2) a depressing report on poverty etc
3) repeat 1 & 2

The reports were particularly depressing with celebrity after celebrity publicising the plight of the less fortunate both in the UK and the third world.

Take one example of a woman in Africa who was looking after 13 kids. 3 were her own whilst the other 10 were her two sister’s children. Both sisters had died of AIDS. 3 of the children also had AIDS. The family of 14 slept in a single ‘tin roof’ hut with half of the children sleeping on the floor on a plastic sheet. The slum that they lived in had open sewers running through it.

It makes me realise not only how lucky I am (and the majority of people in the developed world) but also how insignificant any problems I might have actually are in the big scheme of things.

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