Disneyland Paris Tips

Following on from my previous post, I must say that we had a great time in Disneyland. My wife and I and more importantly, our two girls absolutely loved it. It is our second visit in as many years and I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone with kids. Here are a few of my hints, tips and observations about the trip. I’m sure they equally apply to the parks in America as the one in Paris. Some of these may be common sense, but still worth pointing out (IMHO).

1. Check out when the French schools are on holiday. Last year when we went the park was really quiet. However, we went a week earlier this year and found that the French schools (or a third of them) were on holiday and it was extremely busy in comparison.

2. When in Walt Disney Studios, wait until the car stunt show is on before trying to get on the rides. The entire park goes really quiet whilst everyone goes to the stunt show.

3. Quite a few of the rides go really quiet just before the park closes as a lot of people seem to make a bee-line for the restaurants to avoid the queues, so that seems to be a good time to catch that last ride on your favourite roller coaster.

4. Forget all manners when trying to see the characters. I don’t know if it is just certain nationalities or whether us Brits like to queue too much, but if you wait in line, you will never get your turn. Push, push, push and push some more, everyone else does.

5. Don’t just assume that the cost of flights will be cheaper if you book directly with Disney. We saved a small fortune on our flights by booking them direct and just getting part tickets and accommodation through Disney.

1. Why do groups of kids (using the term ‘kids’ loosely) aged upwards of 20 want their photos with the characters? I will never understand this.

2. Since the majority of visitors to the park seem to be kids, why are ‘fast pass’ tickets only available on the big rides? I can get onto a big roller coaster (Space Mountain) with only 10 minutes wait, but have to queue for 60 minutes to get onto Dumbo. Surely this can’t be right! (BTW: Dumbo was for the kids)


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