Great comment whilst on the train

I have been a fairly regular commuter to and from London over the past 4 months. On the train you can always tell the regular commuters. For the first 20 minutes of the journey from London Kings Cross, none of the regular travellers even attempt to use their phones as it is tunnel after tunnel and a constant roller coaster of a signal.

On the flip side to this, you can always tell the non-regular travellers by their “Hello, can you hear me” and “Sorry about that we hit a tunnel……….Hello, can you hear me  (as the second tunnel appears)”.

However, I heard a great comment from a women on the train on Friday. She was clearly trying to talk to a friend on the other end but had a bad signal (again, due to the tunnels). However, after nearly losing the call once, referring to the poor signal, she exclaimed:

“It must be your end, i’m not moving”.

Maybe she wasn’t moving in her seat but doesn’t she think the 125MPH that the train was traveling has any effect.

People never fail to amaze me!!


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