Free Internet Security Suite

After getting home from a long week in London, I was catching up on the many blogs I follow (How do some people find the time to post so often) and came across Dave Kearns newsletter (here) announcing that CyberDefender are not doing a free version of their fully fledged Internet Security Suite.

This couldn’t have come at a better time. As a frequent subscriber to the Norton suite, I am familiar with seeing the annual subscription renewal box popping up. As it happens, my subscription ran out last week so I have just taken Norton off and decided to have a look around to see what else was about. Up until I downloaded CyberDefender, I was running a combination of AVG Anti-Virus (free), Windows Defender beta (free) and Spybot (free, but offers donations).

Up until now I haven’t found a fully fledged suite that is free. I know that there is an argument for buying software you want, but as a great advocate of open-source, I like to always look for free alternatives where appropriate. As you can see from my links page, I use a number of open-source projects.

Anyway, this was just a quick post to say that I have installed CyberDefender. Upon initial scans it found a few dodgey registry entries and cookies that Windows Defender seems to have missed and is currently ticking away in the background quite happily. I haven’t quite got the confidence to uninstall AVG etc, but give it a few days and (assuming no problems) I will.

Early observations are that I would recommend at least a look and see what you think for yourselves.

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