“The futures bright”……..new ISP

After a couple of years with Pipex I finally decided it was time to change ISP. Why, I hear you ask? Basically, I was paying too much for a 1MB line. Yes, believe it or not, I still only had a 1MB connection at home. For an IT professional I am fully ashamed of myself.

However, after looking around to find the best deal I finally plunged for Orange as my ISP. The package they were offering seems really good:

  • up to 8Mb/s download
  • Unlimited downloaded
  • Free UK calls over the internet
  • all the usual email etc

All for £19.99 per month.

One of the things that has always put me off switching before was the hassle and also the thought of been without the Internet at home for even a day (sad I know!) However, deciding to take the make the move I warily phoned up Pipex to cancel and ask for my MAC code fully expecting to be offered all sorts of deals to stay. “No problem, it will be with you between 5 and 7 days” said the lady at Pipex. “What no pleading?” I thought. Apparently not! That was fairly painless.

After signing up on the Orange web site, I duly got my hardware through the post. Their broadband service comes with what they call a Livebox. They seem all the rage now from ISPs with BT offering a similar “Home Hub”. Basically, this is a box that support wireless and also allows me to plug a phone into for my free calls. I even get a local rate phone number so people can dial me on it. The main purpose of this box is to allow me to make internet calls without having to put my PC on (not that its off much these days).

I have now been with Orange for a couple of weeks. The transfer from Pipex to Orange was painless and resulted in no downtime at home. I can now get approx 6Mb/s download at a constant stream which isn’t bad to say I live in a village in the middle of nowhere.

The only gripe that I have with Orange is that they have decided that all outbound email you want to send MUST go through their SMTP server. Any address you try and telnet to on port 25 results in a response from Orange’s SMTP server. I have had limited success sending mails from my other external accounts using their servers. However, if that is the only limitation, I can live with that. There’s always webmail.

Anyone in the UK who is looking for a change of ISP, I would highly recommend Orange.

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