Security works in the strangest of ways

The client that I am currently working for has just, this week, introduced new security barriers into the foyer. Since my contract with the client was due to finish at the end of December but was extended my old pass has expired and I haven’t had chance to get a new one. Therefore, I have to sign in the visitors book everyday and get issued a temporary pass.

Now, in my experience with any of these security barriers, temporary passes usually either just let you through and back out again, or you have to be let through by one of the security guards. However, my client has got an interesting approach.

The pass that they issue you will get you through the security barrier going in but it programmed not to let you back out again. Therefore, I can quite happily swipe myself in and walk unchallenged around the entire building but when it comes to leaving, I have to be let out by one of the aforementioned guards.

When asked why this was I was told that each swipe card costs £5 and they didn’t want people walking off with them.

Its certainly an interesting approach to minimising costs. I would have thought is would be easier just not to issue swipe cards at all. After all, they are only on the front barriers, not on any internal doors.


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