Google’s Amazing Story

For those of you who read my blog regularly, you will know that I am reading quite a lot of books at the moment. Having finished Identity Crisis a few weeks ago, I was browsing through a local bookshop when I came across The Google Story. Since I have not really followed the ins and outs of Google as a company since they started, I thought it would be an interesting read. So, as you would expect, I immediately put the book back on the shelf and went home to order it from Amazon (far cheaper).

I have just finished the book and can certainly say it was an eye opener. Its amazing to think that when Google was started as a company by Larry and Sergey, they weren’t even concerned with how to make money. This came later when they actually needed some. To understand how they came to be the successful (and profitable) brand that they are today is an extremely interesting story.

I don’t want to give all the juicy details away so I suggest you go and read it for yourselves. Its definitely worth it. Even if you know the history of the company, its worth getting just for the last chapter which talks about where Google are heading with research into genetics.

Rating: Well worth it!

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One thought on “Google’s Amazing Story

  1. Just a quick note to say I came across Paul’s Blog and have read it with interest – as Paul’s boss for 5 years can I say how delighted I am to see him mature into the person he has become! Well done Paul and keep up the blogging – as I’m no longer in the cut-and-thrust of the IT world it’s great to see some good dialogue and opinion…..


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