Good old British moan

I heard a comedian on TV last night say that the British only like two things; queuing and moaning. The only reason they like queuing is so that they can have a good moan about it!

Well, in the spirit of being British I would hate to let the side down so here is my first rant of the new year.


Since September I have been travelling from my home to London every week. This means getting the train on a Monday morning and returning on a Friday evening. For 3.5 months this worked fine. The train operator GNER sold just the ticket for me. It included a return ticket, two buffet vouchers and parking for 5 days. Sensible pricing by them I thought. This ticket is designed for the business traveller and is even called the “Business Saver Standard Package”

However, as the new year came so did the price rises. The rise itself doesn’t bother me. It was quite high but I can live with that. However, in their infinite wisdom, GNER have decided to change the package they offer. Now instead of giving me the sensible 5 days parking, they have reduced it to 3. Since the package is designed for the business traveller, what moron within GNER decided that the business person only goes anywhere for 3 days.

With my cynical hat on I would suggest that it is just a ploy for them to gain more revenue without directly putting a huge chuck of inflation on the base ticket price.

This now means that when I get back to the station on Friday, I have to go through the hassle of paying for the extra 2 days parking that I have used instead of just getting in my car and driving home to see my wife and kids.

I have informed GNER of my displeasure and hope they will come to their senses soon.


God, I feel better for that 🙂

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