OpenID issue solved

Paul Madsen and I have been playing ‘blog tennis’ regarding a problem with my OpenID plugin for WordPress (i’m sure email was invented for this). His latest post is here.

I can now confidently say that the problem is solved.

After digging deeper into the code it appears that if you selected either DeadJournal or LiveJournal from the drop down list then the plug-in tried to be clever by pre-pending the URL of the relevant server to your name. However, this wasn’t made clear in the comments form and i’m guessing Paul was entering the full URI of his server instead of just his name. The exception to this was the “Other OpenID” option which didn’t do anything clever with the name and requires you to enter a full URI.

Anyway, as you will now see from my comments form, I have removed any ambiguity by getting rid of the drop down box and therefore forcing people to enter a full URI regardless of which server they are using.

Hopefully, this should now work. I would appreciate someone testing this and leaving me a comment to prove it works (hint, hint Paul)

Once again Paul, thanks for the heads up on the problem. I will pay more attention next time. Oh and BTW, I don’t know why Google wouldn’t listen to an Identity guru like yourself. Their loss in my eyes 🙂

As a separate point, my email address is publicly accessible via my website @

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2 thoughts on “OpenID issue solved

  1. Dear Mr Toal, this comment is to inform you that Paul Madsen does not now, never has, and never will, speak for Google Inc. Please refrain from suggesting otherwise.

    Warmest Regards

    (more seriously, the UI might give the impression to some (less discerning than myself of course) that they can safely enter their comment before being sent to their IDP)

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