OpenID Authentication and WordPress

Yesterday, Paul Madsen commented on his blog about the WordPress plug-in that I use to allow users to use OpenID authentication when leaving comments.

He questions the use of both the drop down box to select the IdP as well as the box to supply your URI. Paul, I can see and understand your point and when I get a minute, I
will remove the drop down selector so that you only have to enter your
OpenID server URL.

I must admit that I was guilty of installing the plug-in ‘as is’ out of the box without too much REAL thought to how it works. From looking at the code for the plug-in, the only real purpose of the drop down box is to change the icon within the field next to it to match the type of server you will be using. Other than changing the icon, it serves no real purpose.

I am slightly concerned that you claim my OpenID server doesn’t work as I have tested it on numerous occasions (albeit not lately) and it was fine when I tested it. I will check it again.

Thanks for the heads-up.

BTW: Paul, I did try to leave a comment on your blog in response but since I don’t have a Blogger account and the CAPTCHA image generation doesn’t seem to work with Firefox I couldn’t log in to leave a comment. Maybe you should consider OpenID enabling your site 🙂


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