Oracle Architects Club

Last week I attended Oracle’s 3rd Enterprise Architects Club held in London. The main topic of conversation was a presentation on “Identity Federation” by John Madelin of BT. The presentation was really good and it was the first time I have heard John speak in person. However, whilst I enjoyed the speech which was focused on the strategic impact of identity federation, I did find it a bit ‘blue sky’ thinking and felt it lacked the detail of how we might go about the ‘change’ that John saw we would have to undertake. He did however, make an interesting and sensible distinction between complex and complicated problems. There was also a good, albeit short presentation from Des Powley (Oracle).

The highlight of the evening was a Q+A session with John, Des, Toby Stevens* (EPG) & Steven Heaney (Atos Origin). This session was a very passionate one which focused around National ID cards. How can a UK Q+A session on Identity not discuss this 🙂 The panel responded extremely well to the questions posed to them.

In general, I thought the event was very good and I met some other interesting people working in the same space, including a number of people who work for the same employer as me but who I haven’t had chance to meet before.

I look forward to the next meeting.

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* Toby is a privacy expert and therefore there has to be some irony that when I first went to look for his blog I couldn’t find it. It was thanks to Paul Squires’s post on the same event that I found the link to Toby’s blog!


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