From a slow start to a gripping end

I have just finished reading Philip Pulman’s Dark Materials Trilogy. It was recommended by my sister and brother in-law who both thoroughly enjoyed it. I always blow a bit hot and cold with fantasy fiction and have started but given up on a number of these types of books in the past. Terry Pratchett springs to mind as one of those authors whose books I have never managed to get into.

However, since my sister recommended the trilogy, I thought I would give it a go. I must say, I was hugely impressed with the trilogy as a whole. They encompass some great characters with a mix of storylines all hanging around the central theme. Individually, I had mixed thoughts about the individual books.

The first book is Northern Lights. Whilst I enjoyed the book, I found it a little slow to get into. However, it did give you a good introduction into the characters. The pace picked up in the second book, The Subtle Knife and started to bring the story together. However, by the time I got the rather large third book, The Amber Spyglass, I was hooked and couldn’t put the book down.

You can always tell a good book because you spend every spare minute reading it. This  was the case. My only slight embarassment was when I went into the library to ask for the 2nd book and was told it was in the “Teenage Fiction” section. Not sure a 31 year old guy should be reading teenage fiction. Oh well, at least it was recommended by my older sister!!


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