Opinity, interesting registration process

There has been a lot of talk recently from a number of people including Julian Bond and Phil Windley about Opinity.

I decided to try and give it a go. After all, I already have a ClaimID profile so why not have another profile aggregator 🙂

I haven’t yet had chance to look at the product fully yet, however, the first thing that struck me was the registration process. Opinity supports both OpenID and CardSpace as authentication mechanisms. Great, I thought! A service provider who is really embracing the concept of user-centric Identity! I have just finished installing the “OpenID comments for WordPress” plugin so now have my own OpenID server as well as the several other free OpenID accounts I have from signed up for in the earlier days of the OpenID spec.

I eagerly entered my OpenID ID and was promptly presented (after accepting to the trust Opinity at my own OpenID server) with a screen asking me for a username and password! Why would I possibly need to enter a password when the whole point of OpenID is that I shouldn’t need to individually register at every “OpenID enabled” site that I visit.

I didn’t have the same experience when I registered for a ClaimID account. Upon entering my OpenID I was asked to enter a username but no password as expected.

I would be interested to understand why I need to give Opinity a password. Is it just an oversight on their part?


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