Using your Online Identity

Jason Kolb has blogged the third part of his idea of how to give an online identity to the masses and what they can do with it. This extends his previous postings (here and here) which I commented on here.

I find this whole concept of his very interesting indeed. What he seems to be doing is taking the existing URI based Identity services (e.g. OpenID, LID etc) and extending them so that, in his words:

As cool and ingenious as technology like OpenID
is, it’s really a band-aid of sorts to fix the fact that people’s data
doesn’t currently live at their own domain.  When everyone owns their
own domain (the how of which I posted about in part two), the problem just goes away.”

According to his post, Jason has started working on getting the software for the sites needed up and running. I will be following this with great interest to see where it goes. On the face of it, his idea seems very solid and looks to only extend the hard work that Netmesh and other people have put into protocols like OpenID and take it to the next level.


2 thoughts on “Using your Online Identity

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