I want a MAC

In case you’ve wondered why I haven’t posted anything for a few days, I have been on holiday to visit my sister and her fiance in Surrey. In between entertaining my children at various theme parks, farms and other equally busy venue with my company, I had a chance to play on my sister’s new MAC mini.

I have never been a particular fan of macs and have always had my feet firmly in the PC camp.

However, after drooling over, not just the size, but the quietness of the main unit I had a play with OSX. Again I was impressed by the neatness of the interface. You can tell that Apple have been designing GUIs for longer than Microsoft.

Therefore, I have decided that the time has come for me to finally get hold of a MAC and learn what all the fuss is about for myself.

Whilst browsing on eBay for a cheap MAC mini, I came across a guy providing instructions for obtaining one free. I know as well as anyone that nothing in this life is free but thought I would give it a go. If it saves me £500 it can’t be all bad.

In order to get my free MAC mini all I need is 13 referrals. So, please help me out and click the link below 🙂

If it doesn’t work, what have I lost……NOTHING!!



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