I don’t usually do politics but………………..State Benefits

Politics in the traditional sense has never really interested me. Like a lot of other people, I exercise my right to vote (although the numbers of voters seem to be dwindling each year). However, beyond my vote, I, like all other tax payers are at the mercy of whatever hair-brain ideas the government has on how best to screw more money out of me (and other working class people) and give it to either immigrants or dodgy benefits claimants.

Don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people claiming benefits who REALLY need the money for genuine reasons (e.g. illness, temporary redundancy etc), but it annoys me when we hear huge figures touted around about the extent of benefit fraud. A prime example is couples who have a gazillion kids, are too lazy to work and as a result live off the huge amount of benefit they are given from the state. THEN they have the audacity to complain to their local council that their council house is too small to house their family. These people are a drain on society. The problem is compounded by the great benefits system we seem to have in the UK. We don’t seem to want to encourage people to return to work.

I think there is a really simple solution to this problem……..cap certain benefits!

The government should introduce a law which states that the state will provide benefits (child benefit, tax credits etc) for up to 3 children. After that, couples are still free to have as many children as they want but they get no more state benefit. Therefore, in effect, you must be able to support your own children if you decide to have a large family.

That way it would limit the amount of money we are giving these people.

End of rant part 1!!!!!


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