I don’t usually do Politics but………………..Asylum Seekers and Crime

Following on from my previous post about benefits freeloaders, my other big gripe with the government is laws concerning asylum seekers.

Aside from the fact that I believe we are way too “Immigrant Friendly” in this country there is one particular law which I find unbelievable. As it currently stands, if an asylum seeker commits a crime in this country we will NOT deport them back to their own country if they are to face violence or are in fear of their lives through persecution.

Now, I understand why we wouldn’t send back a normal failed asylum seeker back to their country of origin if they were to face persecution but a convicted criminal, surely not. I think they the act of committing a crime and being found guilty of that crime should waiver any protection that our laws provide them from deportation.

This may seem a little harsh but I firmly believe that it would not only cut the level of crime, but also encourage asylum seekers to respect our laws and society and live by our rules.


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