Google taking over the world…..well the users desktop at least!

Google Platypus

In a post yesterday, Rohan Pinto made comments about what appears to be Google’s latest project, Platypus. In his post he says:

“one think I am 100% sure on is that Google’s walking down the path of making the NET a users desktop.
Gone are the days where one feared microsoft… Now it’s GOOGLE-PHOBIA.”

I agree vehemently with Rohan’s comments. Google certain does appear to be striving for world domination and taking the user with it on the way.

If you look at the number of online versions of traditional desktop products that Google are now starting to provide for the typical end-user, its quite scary. Among these are Google Calendar and Google Spreadsheets. There are already tools available for getting your images (Picasa) and videos (Google Videos) online but with this new online drives, why restrict online storage to these types of files. As well as now being able to give Google your credit card details via Google Checkout (yes please……….NOT!!), we might as well hand that “trustworthy” Google the keys to our home as well.

As Google themselves have recently stated (here), there is still a lot of work to do with their search engine, so why don’t they concentrate on this and calm down with their plans to take over the world, one application at a time.


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