Can it really be true, ID cards dead??

UK ID Cards Dead?

So, according to the Sunday Times, the UK Governments ID card scheme is doomed. It appears that Peter Smith (acting Commercial Director @ Identity and Passport Service) and David Foord (ID card project Director) might actually have realised the huge mistake the Government was about to make with billions of pounds of the taxpayers money for no good benefit or return.

I can’t say how relieved I am to hear this news.

I think Emergent Chaos have summed up a lot of peoples thoughts here. To quote:

“The amount of rethinking going on about identity management..” Congratulations to Kim Cameron, Tom Maddox, Stephan Brands, Dick Hardt and all the other identity 2.0 people who have made enough noise that the old school didn’t see fit to push their schemes on the world.

“lack clear benefits…” no shit, Sherlock.

Lets keep up the fight and make sure this idea is not ressurrected!


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