Is Google a master of its own demise?

More evidence that Google's core business is hurting

In the above post, Jason talks about the problems that seem to be dogging Google at the moment. To quote him:

"Why did Google feel the need to lie about this incident? I think it's
because, as I postulated earlier, they have so many people gunning to
break their algorithms that they just can't keep up. People are
figuring out how to "hack" Google's engine, in a sense, and it's
diluting the relevancy of Google's results."

As he quite rightly states, Google are hitting the same problems that Microsoft hit a few years ago with viruses.

The problem as I see it is that attackers target the big, popular giants. Whether this is because of the fame associated with successfully finding a bug in the software from a major vendor or whether its because it is seen as more of a challenge i'm not sure. Google is the target of attacks because of its current success and popularity. This is the same for any product. For example, look at Skype. When it was first released, people started using it and the user base grew. It is only in the past 12 months or so when it has become really popular that people have started finding security holes in it. Or is it that people were finding the holes before but they weren't as publicly published.

Its an ever decreasing circle. The more popular a product gets, the more security flaws are found and hit the headlines. The more headlines that are hit, the more popular the product gets leading to more attackers targetting it and finding more security flaws.

The big vendors could always solve this problem by releasing more bug-free code in the first place 🙂


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