Police Powers in the UK to tackle uninsured drivers

For some time I have been one of these people who loves to watch fly-on-the-wall documentaries, especially any of the ones featuring the 3 blue light services (police,ambulance and fire). Usually, the police ones follow the same mould every week.

  • Police attend an incident
  • There is a bit of a tussle
  • The alleged criminal is arrested
  • They are taken down the nick and charged
  • The summary at the end of the programme explains the sentences of each of the convicted parties.

The real frustration with the English legal system is that in most cases, all the offenders seem to be let off with community service, or suspended sentences or a £20 fine. Based on all the effort the police had to go to in order to get the conviction hardly seems worth it.

However, in one of the recent programmes about traffic cops, it emerged that the police now have new powers when dealing with drivers who do not have a legal right to drive (no license, no insurance etc etc). The powers basically mean that the police can have the offenders car towed away and crushed there and then. It was great to see the look of shock and horror on the faces of these offenders who were expecting a 7 day wonder or a quick telling off when in reality they were about to lose their car. What was also quite funny was so of the pathetic excuses that they were coming out with for trying to justify the fact they were driving the car in the first place.

I think that this kind of direct police action is great and will hopefully convince some of these offenders that the law abiding citizen who pays their tax, insurance etc on their car will no longer be willing to foot the bill for the criminals lack of respect for the law and society in general. 

I hope this kind of direct action can be extended to other areas of policing where applicable…….


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