Google Toys

I have spent a bit of time recently playing with Google Earth, mainly due to the fact that high resolution images have been uploaded near my home. I find it amazing the level of detail that you can see, even down to people in the street. I was even more impressed with terrain and buildings that you can see in major US cities.

I also see that Google has released SketchUp which allows you to VERY easily create buildings. The idea is that you then upload them to Google Earth for other people to see. Again, Google seem to have taken the usuability of the interface as their primary concern and have produced software that is so easy to use that my 5 year old daughter could create something impressive with very little help.

However, I do have a major concern with Google Earth. This isn't so much centred around the product but the maps that are used. If these high resolution maps are the released to the public, then it makes you wonder what satellite imagery technology is capable of doing within a military or government role. Surely, if you can see people on the street within the public domain, how much detail can inteliigence see.

Its make you open your eyes to films such as "Enemy of the State"……….


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