School Holidays

A colleague of mine recently posted his thoughts about costs of holidays during school holidays against the cost during school term. Whilst I understand his point about supply and demand I think the point extends deeper than a pure supply and demand issue. 

My daughter brought home a letter at the start of last term from the LEA (Local Education Authority) requesting that we don't take our children out of school during term time for holidays; pointing out that there are only ~145 teaching days per year. However, based on the supply and demand that my colleague referred to, more and more parents are forced to look at cheaper holidays which can be had during school terms (not to mention how much quieter all the resorts are). 

I think there needs to be a fundamental intervention by the government to prevent the massively over-inflated mark-ups added to holidays during school holidays.

In addition, if our children are so short on education with so few teaching days a year, why is this further cut short by the ever-increasing number of 'teacher training days' that seem to be happening during school time. Looking at my daughters school term dates calendar, there is only 1 month out of 12 where she doesn't get a day off for either holidays or teacher training.

If teachers need training that desparately then:

  1. Isn't this a worrying sign about our teachers and the state of the education system
  2. Why can't these training days be carried out during school holidays

Its not exactly like teachers are struggling for holidays each year. They get far more than the 20ish that most people get who work in the private sector. Surely, 10-15 of these per year could be sacrificed in the name of training.


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