InfoSec UK 2006

Yesterday I visited InfoSec 2006 @ Olympia in London.

Most of the exhibitors were the normal suspects with Microsoft, Symantec, RSA, Trend Micro et al having the biggest and loudest stands. However, there were a few things that struck me about the show in particular:

  • The heat in there was ridiculous. By mid-afternoon it was becoming unbearable
  • Nearly everybodies products came on an appliance. The colours, shapes and sizes varied but they were nearly all appliance based.
  • There were a fair few vendors pushing Identity and Identity management as a key selling point. Even when there products weren't directly related to this area, they still managed to get the term in there somewhere.
  • I didn't feel there was a great presence from the 'real' Identity Management suppliers. Since this is the year of Identity and since the opening speech on the show was titled "Identity" I expected far more, especially from all of the big vendors.
  • There seemed to be a huge presence from companies touting encryption, whether it was email encryption or seamless end-point encryption.
  • There weren't as many attractive ladies to entice you onto stands and last year and the ones that there were, didn't seem to have the product knowledge to hold your attention for long.
  • I didn't note any of either the keynote speeches or sessions worthy of viewing. The content of them was very much 'the norm' with nothing attracting my attention.
  • Radware had a magician who was quite cool!

I don't know if its just my cynical head, but InfoSec seemed a bit 'dry' this year. Oh well, lets wait and see if things have improved next year.


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